SSL Certificate Expiry Sunday 15th July 2018 12:00:00

We discovered an issue with two of our SSL certificates on July 14th at 21:00 UTC.

Our SSL certificates failed to renew automatically causing a browser warning showing Cointiply as insecure.

Loyalty bonuses are being adjusted for all users over the next few hours. All users will receive a 7 day grace period for their loyalty bonuses from July 14th, 2018 to July 21st, 2018. If you missed a claim on any of these days your loyalty bonus will not reset. Enjoy!

This incident was resolved as soon as possible but some people may still have lingering issues. Please clear your browsers cache, close it and re-open it if you are still experiencing issues.

The SSL certificate validity can be verified here:

If your loyalty bonus was effected by the outage it will be corrected soon, there is no need to open a support ticket.